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Daniel "Dan" Loutrel

UIAGM Mountain Guide


Founder of Birdos Freeride Skis and  Often found exploring: whether finding new lines to ski in central Switzerland, sailing the coast of Norway in a small open boat, or attempting long sandy climbs in Jordan, Dan has a taste for adventure.

Raphael "Raphi" Imsand

UIAGM Mountain Guide


Coming from Oberwallis, one of the snowiest valleys in switzerland, Raphi knows skiing. On his homepage you find reports about the mountains he climbed with photos and some tour details.

Mario Arnold - UIAGM Mountain Guide


Growing up on the Biel in canton Uri, Mario has the mountains in his blood.  As a boy there were endless skitours at his doorstep, and his parents started early with family mountaineering tours.  In the last few years Mario has been active in the mountains of Patagonia, Canada, Scotland, and of  course the Alps. His childhood love and fascination of the mountains remains strong to this day!

Sebastian "Sebi" Briw - UIAGM Mountain Guide


Seb grew up in Naters, Vallias. Living in the midst of the high peaks, Sebi was naturally drawn to the mountains at a young age. This passion grew over the years, and he finds himself equally at home on snow ice, and rocks. The motivation to find a smooth and exciting line in the mountains is strong, whether a new route on the rocks or a fresh line in the powder!

Nico Forrer - UIAGM Mountain Guide Aspirant


Nico Grew up in Siebnen SZ, but soon moved to Goeschenen so he could ski and climb every day! Nico loves freeriding on his home mountain, Gemsstock, or making the first tracks on challenging ski tours. His biggest motivation: to share his passion for the mountains with others. One thing is for sure, if Nico is in the mountains he has a smile on his face!