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Early mornings with the sun rising, climbing in spectacular places, and reaching a summit peak – that's what mountaineering is all about. Whether it's a famous 4000er peak or a lesser-known peak Urner mountains, we're here to help you make your dream come true. Join us for exciting mountaineering adventures where every climb is a mix of challenge and achievement.


get inspired.

Uri offers a lot of beautiful mountaineering with solid rock and stunning views. Get inspired below or ask us for recommendations which fit your level and wishes. 

The Furka region, with sharp granite needles and small glaciers provides excellent alpine rock climbing and classic alpine mountaineering. One of the classics is the South East Spur of the Galenstock. A climb on beautiful solid rock and a steep snowy ridge to the summit where incredible views are guaranteed.

The Gletschhorn South ridge offers impeccable climbing on grippy cracks, pinnacles and slabs. A classic ridge climb of highest quality in alpine environment. 

Are you interested in the classic 4000m peaks of Vallias and Berner Oberland? On request we are happy to take you there!

All tours can be booked private as well for your convenience.

Do you have a dream summit or would you like to go climbing where conditions are currently good? Plan your next adventure by requesting a private guide. 

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