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Discover the thrill of climbing with our courses, perfect for beginners and experienced climbers alike. Are you looking to gain more independence in the mountains? Or perhaps you want to step up your skills for tougher adventures? Whatever your reason, we're here to support you in reaching those goals. Whether it's learning glacier rescue techniques, mastering ridge climbing, learning on how to lead on gear, we're dedicated to helping you become more skilled and safer in the mountains. We take pride in coaching individuals and guiding them towards becoming better, more confident climbers. Join us and start your climbing journey today!


We have a selection of climbing and mountaineering courses where you will learn together in a group of like-minded people. Get inspired and book your course as the next step in reaching your goals. 

You have not found your perfect angle or you would like to have a private course?! We are happy to tailer-made your private course. 

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